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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Welcome to the weblog of the Queer Shabbaton Amsterdam

From the 5th till the 7th of August 2005, I had the honor to host the first Queer Shabbaton Amsterdam. An event for queer Jews from across Europe, Israel and the United States, held in Amsterdam during the weekend of Gay Pride. It was a tremendous success, because a new generation of queer Jews stood up. Unique of this newly-made community is its highly international character, in which tikum olam is being performed through sharing and networking from every corner of the world.

For more information about that Shabbaton, see the website

Afterwards, participants expressed the need to stay in touch with each other. To continue taking part of and to keep on building this growing queer Jewish community worlwide. Through this weblog, we can keep each other posted about discussions and events on queerness and Jewishness throughout the world. But this weblog is not only for those who participated in the Queer Shabbaton Amsterdam. It is open for everyone who wants to share questions, information and ideas on gender, queerness and Jewishness. And to connect with other people in doing so.

And - needless to say – in time you'll find here all the information on the Queer Shabbaton Amsterdam 2006…

Keep in touch!

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Monday, December 12, 2005

Save the Date for Nehirim 2006

Hey everyone from the Queer Shabbaton - congrats to Gideon & crew for getting the site up and running. It was great getting to know so many of you last August in Amsterdam.

For those of you who might be across the pond this Spring, I wanted to let you know about the 3rd annual Nehirim Spiritual Weekend Retreat, which I help run, happening May 19-21, 2006, in upstate New York. Nehirim is a wonderful weekend, with time to relax, meditate, daven, walk in nature, meet great people, hang out in the hot tub, learn, study, and of course, eat. We should get about 100 people this year, from all over and with a huge range of Jewish practice, gender identity, age, etc. I hope some of you can join our community this year! More info at

Other than that - shalom from Jerusalem... it's a very interesting time to be in Israel, as always, but not as always, I mean that in a good way.

Be in touch - I'm online at so feel free to stop by.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Message from Melanie

Participant Melanie wrote me the following message:

Thanks again for organizing the Queer Shabbaton! I had such a fun time,
and it really felt like a "homecoming" to spend time with so many other
queer Jews. I look forward to attending the Queer Shabbaton again in


P.S. It must be a huge job to organize a Queer Shabbaton.. You should
let those of us in Amsterdam know if we can help out with any of the
mundane things beforehand (stuffing envelopes, collecting folders, helping
out w/ advertising, etc..)

Friday, November 11, 2005

When you take off...

(created by Donelan)

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Message from Flora

Participant Flora wrote me the following message:

Thank you for creating an interesting, fun and thoughtprovoking weekend! Your hard work and enthusiasm for Judaism and all things queer really has made the first of many annual queer shabbatot. You've done brilliant. Yesher koach to you all and may we strengthen each other & be strenghtened by this success to build the next one.

With love Flora

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